Sep 13, 2004

Ugh. Well, mostly everyone knows what's been going on with me. I got a job, then I kind of just vanished. I hate my job with a passion some days, I can't really.. egin to describe how anal one of my co workers is. H was so horrid one day I started bawling and my boss's wife had to answer the phone until I calmed down.

It's really bad.. Then he puts me down for things I know I did, ten turns out he didn't do it. But of course my boss lets him slide, because well.. he's a male. Someone broke into our company e-mail address and at first they thought it was the other sale's rep Josie. Josie and I get along great, she's running a marathon and i'm planning to give my next check to her. Because I know she needs the donation, badly.

Anywho. Then I come home one day, after a really shitty day at work. To find out my boyfriend was registered on a dating site.............. he denied it, sowre on everything he would never do it. Then he said he simply forgot. He simply forgot.. yeah.. So i'm trying to get my feeligns back for him, I mean.. they're there just severly mangled and beat to death with a stick.

One of the guys saw I was kind of being on the low side, so they talked my boss into getting me a fart machine for the front desk. My boss's wife, tried it first on my mom, and man was my mom getting angry with me! >.<;;

"Jennifer Marie! Do you know what your grandma would be telling you by now!" Heh. Then she figured it out, and we tried it on the UPS guy. Hehe.. he won't even step in to grab the mail, I have to get out of my chair go to the door and hand it to him.

My grandma flew back in form St. Louis, and my grandpa left for Mexico today. THis morning my grandma and mom took Mandy and I out for breakfast, then when we went over to her house, my aunt Patsy had left a gift for me. LOL. And it came with a pretty hilarious story, well.. yeah.. if you know me then you're probably going "Man.. that's Jenni's family members alright."

Anyway, so my great aunt patsy sewed me an octopus, but before that she called up my cousin Erin. And asks "Hey, how many legs does an octopus have?"  My cousin didn't know, so my great aunt sewed it to how she thought it was.

My grandma wnt over and she asked my grandma.. and my grandma goes "Well, actually it's tentacles PAt. not legs. and um.. -octo- Pat? That means eight."

Aunt patsy: "....I hate smart people. Ah well this one has 6."

Hehe, so I have a new blanket she knitted and my special octopus.. heh.

House sat for my boss last weekend. It was fun, but I flooded the kitchen with suds, Mandy and I  clenad it up though. And this weekend i'm babysitting my cousins. I moved my bedroom up the stairs it feel so weird being up here........ I have a balcony! w00t. But that isn't a good thing! At least not for this instant! I really should be getting to bed, pouring my heart out to smething.. I can't really do right.. and I just need some sleep maybe.

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Dec 8, 2003
Well... it's been eventful.

Apparently, I should have got my ass updating sooner.. I thought I would but anywho. My electricity's back on thanks to my teacher. She felt bad that my family wouldn't have electricity, and she called the electric company to see how she could help. They told her only a check of $300.... and she paid it...

So.. Yes i'm thrilled for that, but on Thanksgiving my foster brother tried to knock me unconcious.. and yada yada yada...

now for this morning.. Usually my mom gets up and goes to get my brother on Monday and meet my ex-stepdad, his father, half way at a Fry's Electronic store. Well what happened is a little bit after my mom left the car caught on fire, she was able to turn it into a Bugrger King and get out. She called me and told me my stepdad would probably call and to call Art's Auto to come get her.

...I called and they asked me if she was a AAA member, and I thought so.. they gave me AAA's emergency phone number I called it. ths guy on the phone thought I was the stupidest chick he ever ment.. because I just woke up and didn't know what a house Number was.. i mean COME ON >.<;

I thought he ment phone number.. and he rudely told me I got the wrong home number... so I told him my street number.. and my condo number... and finally he yelled at me x.x;;

"You know like fuckin' I live on 6789 N blah blahst. 6789 is your home number."

"Oh... then 3441."

Well he got my mom's account up and then rudely told me once more my mom's account was expired from failure to pay it, so he said if I called back with a credit card number (heh.. we don't even own any credit cards.) then someone could go get my mom!

So I called back Art's Auto and told them my situation again, and they gave me another number. I guess it was to a towing company because the woman was really cooperative and told me my mom and the car would be picked up soon.

Time passed and my ex- stepdad called and sounded all pissy so I told him the story, and he didn't believe me and said he'd drive the Burger King himself and go ahead and take my brother to school.Stupid Fuck... why would I lie about that?! .... i'm getting upset.. I'll finish later.

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Nov 25, 2003

I've noticed lately i'm not that happy go lucky person I usually am. I'm slowly disolving into a stressed person, that has migranes every second of the day. I'm in pain most of the time now adays, and yesterday after Getting the mail the electric company left a 'present' on our door. which ment now we had 'partial electricity' where they give you so many lights and things you can do before BOOM whole house goes pitch black. Well, my mom put our only leftovers in the microwave, turned on the kitchen light and went upstairs to get dressed. I went to check the mail incase Rini's letter came, but it didn't. I seriously, opened the door and set the mail on the the table.


BOOM. No electricity. =/

So we're staying over at my grandparent's/uncle's house. ( Story behind that is, since my grandparents have to travel alot my uncle needed a place to stay in Phoenix so my grandparents offered their house while they're out of town.) And I slept on the couch... I thought I had grabbed my jeans, but I didn't, so the fact is yes i'm wearing the same jan skirt I had on yesterday, my same coat, oh but a different shirt! ....>.>

I was kind of grumpy yesterday for the simple reason, i'm figuring out who my true friends are, i'm actually sorting the true from the once in awhile friends that pop up be all kindish and sweet to you.. then turn into a bitch and leave for awhile.. then pop back up. etc. etc.

I better cut this entry off... i'm in pain, i'm cold, i'm tired, and I won't be in my hosue for another week.

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Nov 23, 2003
The ripples of Knowledge

I know i'm not perfect.

I never asked to be perfect.

I know i'm not pretty or beautiful

I never asked to be pretty or beautiful.

I know i'm greatful, for what I have.

I asked for what I have.

I know I don't diserve some of my friends.

I never asked for good friends, but i'm greatful.

I know I don't diserve to love someone.

I never asked for it, but i'm greatful.

Sometimes,I cry over the things I never got.

Sometimes, I cry for the things I have, that keep on hurting me.

Sometimes I cry, because I know when someone says "I love you" to me. They lie.

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About as exciting.. as a paper bag getting eaten by my cat.

Well, not alot has gone on lately O.o;; I'm spending the ngiht over at Zaely's at the moment and she's trying to figure out a character name for a character she's making for a post RP. Then we watched Miss Congeniality last night and I we tried to figure out what the Quakers were. Oh but yesterday was scaring me! ><. I kept smelling gas in my house, like not regular gas is the thing. IT was the kidn of chemical my ex-uncle tried to use before to blow up my aunt's house, I recognized the cent. I didn't tell anyone online that I recognized it, and when my mom came home I left out that minor detail. Maybe i'm just losing it, or maybe it was something else. but the thing is, NOTHING is gas in our hosue spare the stove and she checked it and said nothing was wrong wit it.

Great. Now i'm gonna be overly paranoid for the next week, Yipee more stress. Hey! Maybe i'll get gray hair early!.. Anywho, i'm better now, and my mom hasn't called my cell to report that she was smelling gas.. I just knew that I wasn't imagining it >< it was strong, so strong I couldn't breathe got out to take a walk and came back in. I had one of the windows open. then i came back online and Clem was on and he told me to open all the windows, but I had one problem. My cat. I love Dylan but he thinks he's Houdini, and he's scared of going outside, yet lieks to go otuside because he's invisible. Anyway, I took Dylan locked him in my room and sat thee for a little bit opening up all my windows.

Oh yeah! My mom says there's a hole inside the wall or something and it could've been the people outside barbecuing.. maybe that was it.. stupid people x_x; Mandy was supposed to come over last ngiht but she didn't so I went with my good buddy zaely, (already noted that.. but yeah spare me.) She's sick though, but I made a .wav file singing something and then something about boredom and no one was online O_O;. When at the time there wasn't really anyone.. well I better get going.



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Nov 20, 2003
Things that go boom

I've realized over time,I have issues. but then again, who doesn't?! Anyway. I've been slowly losing it my anger's been lashed out even though i'm used to controling it, tears come like they used to. And I still honestly don't know why, no one believes me when I say that's the truth they just think i'm even more 'odd.' Clem should be comming to visit me maybe this weekend, I hope things go well and not bad. Ack! I would write more, but I have to run to class i'lll edit this entry later >.>

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Sana:"My heart was broken.....before I knew I was in love....What an idiot i've been."

FlashbackAkito: If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, come to me

Sana: His words can still make me feel better.

" but.. Akito.. you're the one who's making me cry"


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